Meet Dr. Zakia McKinney

DrZ-Web1Zakia McKinney has over 20 years experience in the non-profit arena, ministry, education and  advocacy, networks and city-wide efforts with a focus to train, strategize, facilitate change and empower others. Dr. Zakia has a Doctorate of Divinity from CICA International University and Seminary,  a Masters Degree in Educational Administration, and is Senior Chaplain with the International Fellowship of Chaplains. She has served as the Director of Education for the Greater Cincinnati Urban League, Executive Director of the Council of Walnut Hills Churches and Executive Director for the Parent Leadership Institute for Parents for Public Schools.

She now leads the Junia Company, a nonprofit organization that specializes in empowerment housing, empowerment training, and empowerment coaching.  With a gift for training, strategizing, and speaking, she has served as a former radio talk show host, and has traveled and spoken in other countries. She started the life changing small group series called Fresh Start that has empowered thousands to break personal restraints and launch life vision. In addition she developed a Leaders Advance training to help individuals and teams break cycles, and realign their vision to move forward.

Dr. Zakia received the Pioneers Award from the Ohio State Chaplaincy Association for her life-changing work with women. In 2011 The Junia Company was selected as the Charity of the Year by Cincinnati Area Women’s Network. And in 2013, Ms. McKinney was also awarded the 2013 Nefertiti Award for her positive impact on the Greater Cincinnati community in the area of housing for homeless women and children.

So what does Dr. Z do?

Empower You from the inside out:

“Through interactive empowerment training and empowerment coaching, you will receive tools and opportunity for change in your life.

Give You tools for personal awareness and growth:

“When you look at and learn from the past it becomes a solid launching pad of growth for your future”

Give You effective tools for letting go:

“Learning the art of letting go and letting God is life altering. That’s because in between the two are unforgettable lessons that mandate change”

Give You lifetime tools for rebuilding:

“Clearing things up, silencing some voices, and putting things out is an amazing way to avoid some roadblocks in your future.”

Give You training for vision building:

Learn how to work with your vision until it has a rhythm to it, a sound that hits your soul and makes others want to run with it, and a concert of agreement with all aspects of your life or business.

Give you Strate-Z’s that work:

You will receive strategic training in teambuilding and empowerment housing and empowerment coaching to help you move forward.