Kick Doubt to the Curb!

Recently I have visited and heard many powerful, uplifting words of encouragement from others.
“The dream in you is going to be birthed anyway!”
“You shall possess double…”
“For everything you have forfeited, od will do above all.”
“It’s your time!”
“The holding pattern is over”
“The dream still lives.”
With all of that, why is it that it seems that a whispering “Penninah” always wins out among women? Penninah reminds you of what you currently do not have or what you have not yet done and rubs it in as failure. Shut the mouths of your Penninahs by batting away the doubt filled words and replacing them with self affirmations. Distance yourself from dream killers, nay-sayers and Penninahs and find some Elizabeths who will leap for joy at what you are about to birth and the dream you are about to fulfill. Lay hold of the words of life and encouragement and truths spoken over you and refuse to let go of them. Forget their faces, ignore their words, and focus on the journey and the dream ahead of you. Follow your heart without hesitation. Remember that you deserve it and have worked for it. Kick that doubt to the curb and “Go for it!” After all, they cannot go where you are going: your journey is set aside for only you!

Live Life!
Dr. Z