Dr. Z laid a biblical foundation for me which helped  me to find my way out of my past so that I could move with freedom into my life with Christ. She gave me life changing tools that I am using to this day. I learned the difference between a…


Are there any words to describe the skills this women possesses?  She is amazing with you in the group. I am blessed to have sat at her feet to learn strategies to overcome abuse, rejection and shame! I define my life by before the group and after finishing  her Live…


The success I am experiencing in my life right now is truly God's blessing! ! My encounters during  Living Free have balanced my very being, emotionally as well as spiritually! The growth has improved my walk with God ! I stand strong and confident as a mother, daughter and friend!


I would describe Dr. Z’s transformational weekend as challenging, charging, and life changing. Through these interactive sessions you are challenged to change from the inside out and then, charged to go after the more in your life. What a rewarding journey it has been!

Audrey and Gerald

Zakia's influence has had a tremendous impact on my life. She not only downloads life-changing truth and revelation, she brings it into practical application with real-life, hard-hitting, heart-changing exercises that make the message stick. At a time when my heart was desperate for change, God used Zakia to weed out…


Zakia is committed to teaching, pouring and imparting in distinct ways that will impact your life.  She possess the trait of being able to lay out new perspectives from a variety of angles that will help you to change. I truly adore and thank God for positioning us in each…


Dr. Z’s trainings has helped me to embrace change and life challenges. Her phenomenal teaching style and exceptional communication skills challenge you to embrace your passion, serve in excellence and always be authentic.  Her weekends empowered me to excel and make a difference!


Zakia has a monumental vision for helping women to experience true healing and growth in their lives. Her loving, yet very direct style of communicating, teaching and ministering has enabled me to get to the root of various issues in my life. Learning to let go has led to improved…


The experience of Living Free propelled me to a deeper level of spiritual growth, a refreshing honesty of self examination, and a place of beautiful still in listening to God's heart. Zakias teaching is poignant, profound, and powerful.